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Pacific Coast Environmental Metrics is a fully registered British Columbia and Canada Revenue Agency sole proprietorship. PCEM is insured for $2 million Commercial General Liability and $1 million Errors and Omissions in British Columbia and Alberta (proof of registration and insurance available on request).

Pacific Coast Environmental Metrics offers services ranging from short (1 hour) talks with community groups to half-day workshops on social games, to in-depth research and analysis of your resource management system. Sometimes a community group only needs a small, personal discussion about the concepts behind common pool resources (CPRs) and the issues facing CPRs. Other times an in-depth analysis identifying design principle components (or the absence thereof) is more appropriate. On occasion, facilitation is necessary for between external authorities and local management groups, which does require both analysis and representation.

Generally, rates range from $75/hr for short presentations (plus travel time) to $40/hr for extended contracts of 160 hours or more. Workshops are tailored for specific problems and situations, so there is preparation time that has to be invoiced. With every invoice from PCEM you will receive a timestamp printout of the hours worked. Travel expenses are extra, and contracts can either budget for travel and materials, or these can be itemized for reimbursement.

PCEM can also help your community group with small IT projects and databases (particularly 4D and Filemaker databases, as well as Apple's MacOS, trademarks by respective companies). Don't hesitate to contact us if your project was either too small or cost too much with large developer companies.

PCEM is not invested in any private or public corporation and has no vested interest in any outcome, other than recognizing that the Earth is a common pool resource and we are all members of the global community.