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Pacific Coast Environmental Metrics is a Canada Revenue Agency- and Province of British Columbia-registered sole proprietorship owned by Tim Kelly.

Tim spends his time studying successful collective action management of common pool resources and working with government and community groups to reproduce that success, using the design principles identified by Dr. Elinor Ostrom. Additionally, Tim spends time examining the lessons to be learned from recent extensions to game theory, known as "quantum game theory." One such lesson is that if players are given a description of allowable actions, rather than specific actions, they will choose actions that overcome social dilemmas.

Tim is a longtime systems developer. His experience in computer systems ranged from databases to operating system design and interfacing hardware to software. As a sole proprietor contractor, Tim used to specialize in mission critical assessment databases that offered platform and software independent user experiences through rigorous adherence to industry standard communication protocols. Tim has professional experience in fields as diverse as automobile repair and home construction and renovation to teaching physics labs to undergraduate engineers and musicians.

The image to the right is one of Tim's woodworking projects. The wood sill is Arkansas Clear Pine, with handcut dadoes (using chisels, not routers), and the window is cedar heartwood with pinned bridle joints.