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Archived News:

30/06/09: Back to Malahat, and an extended excursion to the Southeast U.S. We look forward to our return to Vancouver Island.

20/05/09: Welcome Watershed Sentinel readers! A fine magazine, with fine values. Wondering what "collective action" and "common pool resources" are? Follow the links in the left column for more information!

22/04/09: Our Grand Opening in Port Alberni! We've relocated from beautiful Malahat to beautiful Port Alberni. Ninety minutes to the beautiful West Coast Vancouver Island and sixty minutes to the beautiful East Coast. This great central location puts us in close proximity to many community groups and directly in areas greatly impacted by current economic and environmental conditions.

07/04/09: We're steadily adding new material to the web site. For a sample of the research quality PCEM can bring to your organization, review the papers posted at the Publications/Working Papers link. Another recent change is that the full images from the left column on all pages can now be viewed by clicking on them.

09/02/09: Our website redesign is almost complete. Nothing fancy, as about all that is left to do is put in some content on this main page and discuss some philosophies.

15/08/08: Ever wonder why Nature seems to respond in such unexpected ways? Perhaps it is because even the simplest of mathematical equations have very rich outcomes. For example, consider the lowly logistic equation, which is very good at predicting short term population growth, as long as it is used under very specific conditions (i.e., the length upon which it is well-behaved). However, when plotted over its full range the equation has some very interesting predictions about what happens to populations. (Image of bifucation with single point iteration)